Thursday, May 17, 2007

Snow Report

Thankfully this is all that accumulated last night. Thanks mostly because the ground is completely thawed. Right now, it is rain and freezing rain mixed with ice pellets. Doesn't that sound like wonderful weather to be having in May? I turned the heat back on last night.

And because these are now finished, here they are!


Margene said...

SNOW!? Sigh...we can still get it this time of year too but instead we're baking! Love the scarves

Valerie said...

I love the scarves...but the snow in May? You can keep that. (wink)

Leigh said...

Jackie, your scarves are always so lovely and inspiring. The snow is not inspiring, but what the heck, it'll melt.

Christine said...

The scarves look great! It got down in the 40s here last night and it's all gray and icky after being in the 80s for a good stretch. (I won't tell you how many of my tomato plants have blossomed already.)

Teyani said...

fabulous scarves!
snow?! yikes... I remember that happening now and then to us when we lived back there.. nature's fertilizer, that's what my grandma used to call it.
Hope your peas and beans fair well.

Maia said...

The scarves are wonderful!

I hope the snow, hail, and cold temps aren't too hard on your garden.