Sunday, May 06, 2007

In The Pink

I just finished spinning my "riding the pony" roving. Sorry about the blurry photo. Someday I shall read the camera manual. I swear! As for the yarn, I am actually working hard on creating slubs so that I can weave slubby scarves like this one.
I'm loving weaving with the slubby hand spun! Dressing the loom and weaving the scarf yesterday took about three hours. I expect fringing to take about 20 minutes. I have learned that I can not mix anything with the hand spun yarn. The amount of stretch differs so greatly that even though I think that I have good tension, when I take it off the loom, ripples bulges appear. Very disheartening. In fact, the two mixed warp scarves that I posted a while back may be destined to be taken apart and re-woven. I'm not loving the seer-sucker look.

But that is a task for another day. Right now I am working on a couple of scarves that are a bit darker and commercially spun. The pink needs to have its twist set (which I shall do tomorrow) and the warp made up before I can put another hand spun scarf on.


amyt said...

Most digital cameras have a 'macro' setting for taking closeup detailed pictures. There might be a button or dial on your camera that will turn on 'macro mode' on your camera. Look for a button or dial that has an icon that looks like a tulip. I like to take pictures of my food, and macro mode makes all the difference in my pictures.

Dave Daniels said...

Hey, who needs a manual when you have a blog? Ditto what Amy said about the tulip.
Great colors in the handspun at the top. I'm doing a hot pink and turquoise (with a touch of purple). I'm experimenting with slubs, too. I'm finding if I pinch a little ahead in the draft, I cna grab a few extra pieces of wool to make a long slub. Short slubs are next on the learning curve.

Maia said...

Love the slubby scarf!

I don't know if it would work, but what if you weighted the handspun you intend to use for a mixed warp (with commercial yarn). While it is drying you could hang something heavyish from the loop at the bottom. It would be an experiment; I haven't tried this myself.

Love the old woman hats too.

Teyani said...

my camera macro looks like a flower. I figured this out by handing the camera to my youngest daughter.. a technique I'd advise to all parents - the kids'll get it!
Love you weaving - wish we were closer, so that you could show me a faster way to warp my loom.
Your speed with weaving amazes me.

DaviMack said...

Can you block out the finished scarf, as you would a knit piece?

Leigh said...

Thanks for the closeups. It is very nice to see things up close. I guess the flower symbol for macro digital camera mode must be standard. It's still a little harder to take macro mode photos, but worth the effort. Since we can't touch and feel, closeups are the next best thing.