Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Feet

Due to lack of camera, I am afraid that I am a bit tardy in thanking Cynthia for these beautiful socks. She was even kind enough to include a but of leftover yarn, should I need too darn them. Smart lady. These socks are getting the "most worn" award. And by that I mean that they are getting around a lot! I must admit that I didn't wear them on the day that it reached 28 C, but other than that... I LOVE them! Thanks so much Cynthia! It is hard to believe that cream of coconut could be turned into socks!
I have my next set of scarves all finished, but due to lack of sun, not photographed. I hate the washed out look that you get from indoor flash.
I have also almost finished my final project for the class that I am taking. Last class is on Friday and next week is my last week of work! I am looking forward to a bit of time off, but, as on of my friends put it, I am not looking forward to not having a paycheck. And because I have been out of the work force for more than two years, I need about 200 more hours than I have to qualify for E.I. We are not amused.
On the plus side is that there is actually some action happening in my flower garden! The snow is finally all gone and there are little green things shooting up everywhere! Some are things that need to be hastened away, but there are a lot of things that are supposed to be there. Lets hope for some warm sunny weather next week so that I can get to the weeds before they take over.


Margene said...

You received socks from Cynthia, too!? Aren't we lucky grrls!?

clothesknit said...

I love those socks! Cyn said the yarn is dreamy and I needed to get some. It's sold out EVERYWHERE!