Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The answer, my friends....

is blowing in the wind.

Well, actually, it's not. It wasn't windy out when I took this photo. But for some reason, that song is stuck in my head today. This is all my new roving. I am pleased with it. It makes me happy to such a big pile of beautiful fluff just waiting to be spun.

Today is also a special day in our household. 14 years ago, Bill and I had our first date. Good food, good wine, lots of talking and laughing, and a huge box of kleenex are my memories. Bill cooked me diced chicken with peanuts. Tonight's dinner is much more humble, because to be honest, I forgot all about today until I saw the date on the computer.

It has been a glorious day here. Sunny and warmish. Definitely not too hot. I'm looking forward to a few more.

By the way, did any of you notice anything interesting in the picture above? Anybody have the feeling of being watched?


Margene said...

That's a good song to be stuck with;-) Nice fiber, too! You and I like the same colors (but we already knew that!). Cute kid back there behind all that blue.

Margene said...

Oh and congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful roving. I love all of the colorways. Enjoy spinning!

Dave Daniels said...

Happy anniversary-ish.
The roving is great, as are the peeps behind it. It looks like one face and a pair of legs in shorts above?

Anonymous said...

I remembered that it was our anniversary after I got to work this morning and saw the calendar. It doesn't seem like 14 years, but since Mira is 12, I guess there's no denying that time has passed. When we had our first dinner we never imagined that there would be four children, including a couple of twins, in the future. She might have run away had she thought that would happen.

Jackie has been an absolutely awesome person to live life with. It's really nice to be with a partner who is also one's best friend. Every morning I wake up I'm so happy to see here there. She's strong, smart, capable, and a ton of fun. What more could a man ask for?

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering what the kleenex was for, we weren't crying or anything. It just turned out that this day we had set for our first date ended up seeing both of us with very bad head colds. I think we drank enough wine that by the end of it nobody really cared about the runny noses, but we were certainly a sneezy pair at the beginning.

One last thing. Jackie has been a bit modest and not told you all of the latest large pat on the back she received for her weaving. I won't spill the beans, but she really should tell you all.

Jackie's very lucky DH

Laritza said...

Jackie now, tell us about your weaving!

Leigh said...

Wow! You should be pleased! THe roving is gorgeous!

Loved your DH's comment. He's a keeper. Now, how about that weaving???