Sunday, May 20, 2007


Yesterday was the Craft College graduation. It is a rather small school and there were 42 graduates. Three of them were from the Fiber Arts studio.

Loranda has always been driven by colour. Everything from her clothes to the work that she does has always been bright. She was a joy to have in the studio and I'm glad that she has decided to come back next year to do a year of advanced studies.

Stacy had her first gallery show this year. She works mainly with metal wire and broken glass. It was always wonderful when Stacy walked in the class and called out "JACKIE!" in her distinctive voice. I'm going to miss her next year.

erin and ashley

Erin is a wonderful painter as well as weaver. She made a tapestry of a watercolour that she painted and I was so impressed! It was great seeing her bright smile and watching her dedication to her work.
Ashley was not a graduate this year, but had graduated from fashion design last year and came back to do a year in weaving so that she could weave the cloth that she makes into clothing.
I can't tell you the number of pictures that I tried to take of these girls during the ceremony. They all turned out dark and Erin was so hard to get a picture of. I have a great many of her back as she turned away after accepting her diploma and her awards. So when I saw her in the lobby, I cornered her and took this picture of her and Ashley.

I'm so proud of these women. It's hard to believe that I have only been there for one of their three years. I know that they are all going to do great things. They just have to keep working!

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