Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Is this some sort of a cruel joke?

Here is the weather forecast for tonight.

Rain mixed with snow changing to snow at times mixed with freezing rain and rain early this evening. Rainfall amount 5 mm. Snowfall amount 10 to 15 cm. Wind northeast 20 km/h. Low zero.

Snow! And not just flurries! Did you see that "
Snowfall amount 10 to 15 cm!!!!!"

What????? May 16th. I am not amused. Thankfully I planted my peas and broad beans on Monday, and both of these like the cold. I am not quite sure how they feel about the snow, but I know that it wont be long lived. I feel sorry for all of the trees that are just starting to set their leaves. Onions also made it in on Monday. They are not afraid of a bit of cold either. My dill may suffer a bit though. I guess that I will find out soon enough.

Yesterday was transplanting day. I put my tomatoes into larger pots so that they will have a little more space to grow their root systems before the final move to the great outdoors. I think that the final tomato count is around 32. That may change depending on how much room there ends up being in the garden. Also being transplanted was the broccoli, eggplants, and peppers. I have to plant my cukes and squash soon. Really soon. Like maybe tonight or tomorrow. I have a few new varieties of squash and yard long beans to try this year courtesy of David. I can hardly wait to try them. Well, actually maybe I can wait because eating them would mean the end of summer, and I am NOT going to wish my summer away. I'll wish that snow away! But not the summer.


Dave Daniels said...

That's crazy! SNOW? NOW?
It's not like you like in the artic or anything. Well...Canada. But, still.

DaviMack said...

Be afraid of those long beans, when you plant them, is all we've got to say: we planted ours & had 1 inch tall sprouts a week later, with the first pair of leaves all opened up.

I'm afraid of the quantities you grow ... but I hope that you have some good recipes to share towards harvest season. :)

Maia said...


I hope the snow is short-lived and everything survives.