Monday, May 28, 2007

New warp

Most of the yarns that I use in my scarves that I weave are dyed twice. Some of the yarns are dyed when I get them, and sometimes I dye the colours myself. A lot of times, once the warp is dyed, I need to dye a weft yarn to match. I like the weft colour to be a little darker than the predominant colour. I find that the weft disappears best that way and the colour changes of the warp become the main feature in the scarf. I always dye more weft than I need because I would rather have too much than too little. And I know that if there is any left over, I can always use it in my next warp. And those little bits that are too short to use in a warp? I use them in my temari balls. I am almost at the end of my silk from my favorite supplier that retired last year. They had a wonderful sale and I really stocked up. I wove and I dyed and I wove and I dyed. Most of the time, I was very careful to choose colours for the warp that were at least on the same side of the colour wheel. But like I said, I am almost at the end of this stash of silk. More is coming sometime in the future, but it will be a different weight and while I don't mind mixing weights of yarns on occasion, for the most part, my woven scarves have all been of one weight. So here is the last warp that I made up. It is a blend of so many colours. Like I said, I was getting near the end of this batch of silk, and there were many small balls that were left over wefts from other projects, some blues, some purples, a lovely beige, green, and a couple of shades of red.

Apply some dye and suddenly I have three new scarves that are very different. When I started to dye this, I realised that I was almost out of many colours. I wanted to use up my old colours before mixing new ones, so in true frugal fashion, I used up a lot of my little bits of dyes so that nothing would go to waste. And here is what I came up with. These are three separate scarves in one warp. I just piled them all up so that I could get one pictureAfter looking at my finished scarves, I realized that they were predominantly in the blue/green range with a bit of purple thrown in. And thinking " I NEED RED!" I let the first one become red. The next is mostly purple and the last is blues and greens and browns. I emptied out 6 of my jars of dye and mixed up six new jars while I was waiting for the warp to steam. Most of the time when I rinse out and dry my scarf warps, I end up liking one of them more than the other two. Not this time. I am excited to get this on the loom and see what they look like.
But first, I need to get this off the loom.
It was two scarves in a New Zealand wool that was originally a medium grey and dark grey colour. They are a little dark for my tastes and so I find that I would rather spend time at my wheel spinning. But now I have motivation to get them off, so that the new ones can go on. Hopefully by the weekend. IF I can pry myself away from the wheel long enough.


Teyani said...

okay - I'm drooling over here at all that wonder yarn.

Anonymous said...

The colors are beautiful..... (wiping drool off of chin)!

DaviMack said...

Has anybody told you lately that you're quite talented?

Christine said...

Good luck with prying yourself away from the wheel!

B said...

I can't tell if I madly want to dye or learn to weave. So I think I shall spin for now. Now being 'this week'.



Maia said...

Do you overdye the warp in three colors, each a third of the length? Or is it three wefts to go with the one warp?

I love how using up bits and pieces can push us to try new things. I am anxious to see how they turn out.

Leigh said...

Lovely! And thank you for the tips on color and weaving.