Friday, January 26, 2007

Fat Cat Owns 23 Old Ladies

I have to admit that I've been having a bit of a rough week. It has been cold. Really cold. Not the coldest we've ever had up here. But cold enough that people are barely recognizable beneath all of the layers. The high today was -16 C (4 F) with a wind chill quite a few degrees below that. All of which means that I don't spend a lot of time out side. Which also means that I don't get a lot of sun. The south facing part of our house is the back shed. We get about an hour of sunlight in the front room first thing in the morning. And maybe as much in a small, high window in the back of the kitchen when it is setting. Even if I was able to catch these few, week rays, I have figured out that this is not anywhere near enough sun for me. So I have been feeling a bit SADD. Which brings be to the title of this post. I was in the grocery store getting some tonic water to go with the gin that I am sipping on right now and one of the tabloid's caught my eye. Fat Cat Owns 23 Old Ladies. Complete with a picture. Made me laugh out loud. Not the good old belly laugh. More like a "HA!" But in any case, it brightened my day just a bit. So I thought that I would share it with you all.

Last night was also the first meeting of the "neo-spinsters". There were 5 of us and it was really nice to get together, gab, drink tea, and spin. We will be meeting every two weeks. A couple of people there thought that they may know another person or two that may be interested in coming. Maybe some day I'll have some pictures of our meetings.

And speaking of pictures, here is what Nicole has been up to with paint and paper.

I think that we have another artist in the family.


a. said...

that would have made me laugh too. i'd probably have to buy the dreaded rag just so i could pull it out whenever i needed a laugh.

Sue said...

I really like the picture in the middle! It looks like a bouquet of blue tulips.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that Nicole is 3. She's painting about the same way as her older sister did at that age, and look at what Mira has done. I think she's going to be another artist.

Anonymous said...

i can't imagine no sunshine in the house...all my windows face southern exposer..bring the outside in..