Thursday, February 01, 2007

Small Pleasures

A few weeks ago, the carafe for my small (4 cup) old (about 11 years) coffee maker slipped from my hand and broke in the sink. "Ah Ha!" I thought. "A sign!" The Co-op that we belong to was having a sale of in stock small appliances. "Another sign!" So off Nicole and I trek to the Co-op. There were several choices of coffee makers ranging from the kind that will give you a foot rub while you drink (read waaaaayyyyy out of my price range) to the basic no frills. And a little ways up from no frills was the no frills programmable. I'm loving it! I set it up at night, push the "auto" button and when the alarm goes off at 6:30, there, ready and waiting is coffee. How bloody civilized. I know that some of you have had this technology for years, but in my house it is new and pure bliss.

Oh, and I am still spinning like a mad woman. I am glad that I can dye my own roving or by now I may have resorted to spinning the dryer lint.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever blog the cool dryer lint I found summer before last? You should photograph that and post it. It's pretty cool for the unexpected art it is.


Margene said...

DH loves he coffee maker. I get up early but can't make a good cuppa. He has it already to go so my job is to only pour and serve. You'll love it!
I'm spinning like crazy, too. I have several fiber sources in the area which is good and bad!

clothesknit said...

good for you! everyone deserves to be spoiled first thing in the morning!