Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cold enough for ya?

You know it's cold when.... I break out the hair dryer. I have one of these beasts for one purpose only. That is to shrink wrap the leaky windows in my old house every winter. The hair dryer in question was one that my sister had when we were teenagers. She just turned 40 this summer and so I am actually quite impresses that the thing still works. But then again, as I stated before, it doesn't get much use in the run of a year.
So in any case, this morning dawned -24C (-13 F) with a wind chill of -33 (-27F). This after weeks of temperatures hovering around freezing. I swear that when I said earlier that this winter was mild, it WASN'T A COMPLAINT! Today is a day off work for me (read: day to run errands) and so the babe and I are off to the grocery store, but one look in the mirror convinced me that I had to do a few repairs before venturing out in the cold. Hence the early morning shower instead of the late night bath. And after emerging with wet (but clean ) hair. I decided to break out the hair dryer. First time in about 15 years.
And why did I not take the late night tubby? I was called around 5:30 last evening to be informed that our S&B group was getting together. At one point we were very regular, but times change, and lives change, and we found ourselves getting together less and less often. But we still get together about once every two or three months. Last night was at Amy's house and I brought my spinning wheel. Or at least, Kora's spinning wheel. I talked to her and she said that I could keep it for the time being. She is too busy with school and music to be doing any spinning. All the better for me! In any case, I spun about 2.5 ounces of pink/purple/burgundy merino. I hope to spin the other bobbin on the weekend and get them plied. What an addiction! None of the gals had ever seen a spinning wheel in action and had quite a lot of questions. One of them asked what I was going to do with the yarn. I had to laugh and say that for now it was all about the process not the product. I guess that I can call it "zen spinning". I can't work on it tonight because I have some homework to finish up. Yup. Homework. I know that I said that I wasn't going to take any more courses, but I was lured into this one. But this is getting to be a bit of a rambling post and I will talk more about that tomorrow. Hopefully with pictures.

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Leigh said...

Well, the good thing about the cold is that one can wear wool! And angora! I miss cold winters. We finally got our first blast of winter down here, no snow, just freezing rain. I miss the snow. Ah well, grass is always greener.........