Thursday, January 04, 2007

I shall press on

With the socks. Thanks ms. pea for the cheering and the smarten up and stop whining slap. I have cast on again and have about 1cm of the cuff done. I am also going to get a second pair of needles and knit both of them at the same time. I'm also thinking of changing the pattern a bit because there is a whole bunch of purling in the leg of the sock, and I have to admit that purling is not my favorite thing to do. I have been knitting with my left hand and it gives me a bit of a cramp when I do that push down the yarn with your finger to purl. I am going to switch to my right hand. In fact I have been knitting with it from time to time, but, after putting the knitting down, when I pick it up, I automatically start knitting with my left. Re-training is in progress.

We had a great time on New Years Eve, (Mr. Green did it) but a bit too much was consumed and New Years Day was not a great day for me. I'm hoping that it will be the last time for this year that I feel like THAT! Faint hope really.

And yesterday was my first day back at work. Things are not looking good for the Fiber Arts studio. This year we have no first year students. Nada. Zip. There are three in second year, and three in third year. Curriculum changes have made the students chose their studio by November in their first year. Before, it was chosen in April after 4 months of intense instruction. There was room made for two first year classes and each had a full day of instruction. In our studio, they wove blankets and it is amazing how many people were convinced that weaving was something that they wanted to do once they wrapped themselves in a blanket that they had made. Also, there was a rumor that at least one student changed their mind after choosing another studio and wanted to take Fiber Arts and they were told "no". A few other things that are suspect have happened and I have begun to wonder if we are being phased out. Budget cuts are necessary and I feel that we have been labeled "fat". I hope that I am wrong. But for the first time, I understand how worker morale can plummet.


ms. pea said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the squeeze at the studio. That's awful! And uh, you're welcome for the snarky comment!

Leigh said...

I'm glad to hear that someone else doesn't care much for purling either :).

Sorry to hear about the studio. I hope it's only a temporary slump.