Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pretty skeins all in a row

Here they are. My spinning production from the past few weeks. On the right is some merino that I dyed to felt, but the call of the wheel was stronger that the call of felt. Next to it is the roving from my Yarn aboard pal Margene . She also sent a lovely drop spindle, on which I spun about a quarter of this skein. Then life got in the way of spinning. Followed by Christmas and New Year. And then the miraculous delivery of a wheel and a bit more time. So I finished the skein on the wheel. Then is the two skeins of sultan. Lastly is a combination of some of the left over dye samples that I carded together when I was desperate to spin, but had no dyed fleece. It is mostly reds with some pinks, oranges, and purples mixed in.
Here she is... solo. Gotta love it.
And here is what I did yesterday. One bobbin was spun at the S&B the other night, and the second bobbin and the plying happened yesterday. Of course, the colours are not quite right. They are a little washed out.


Valerie said...

Lovely spinning! You're making my wheels cry out to me because of neglect.

I love the colors on the bobbin. You say they're washed out? On my monitor they are pretty vibrant. Wow!

margene said...

You're doing very well on the wheel! Nice work. Isn't spinning just the most delightful thing to do?

Diana said...

The colors on the bobbin are absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful spinning.

craftydabbler said...

I really like the yarn on the bobbin, too. I just spun for the first time on a wheel. I liked it, luckily enough for our finances right now, I didn't like it too much. There may be a wheel in my future, but it will be quite a while.

I smell wool, too. I like the dye smell of Colinette wool and I like the farm smell from some roving. I did needlefelting with some Grey Icelandic to make an Easter rabbit and the smell reminded me of barns and horse back riding. It was lovely. I haven't smelled silk yet, but the next time I get the chance I will.