Saturday, January 06, 2007

A new spin on things

I have recently and temporarily inherited a spinning wheel. To make a long story short, it was on long term loan to Liz who just sold her house. The wheel belongs to my upstairs neighbour Kora. Kora was not home when Liz came by to drop it off, and so she asked if she could park it here. Spinning wheel in my house? No problem. I will return it to Kora soon,( Kora had offered to loan it to me a while back anyway) but I thought that while it was here.....I'd give spinning with a wheel a whirl, so to speak.
The result?
Addiction! Pure and simple. What fun! I had some BFL that I had dyed a few months ago and this afternoon I managed to spin about half. I am amazed at how quick it is compared to a drop spindle! I have another 4+/- oz left to spin on bobbin #2 and then I'll give plying a try. Guess what I am doing tomorrow? Actually, I am going to try and get a warp made up and perhaps dyed tomorrow. I want to try some 8 harness crackle weaves on my hand dyed warps. Bill is taking the kids to visit their grandparents in Woodstock tomorrow so I am going to have the day off. Some cleaning is necessary, but so is some time for crafterly pursuits.
Liz has sold the house and had the movers come by today and pick up most of the stuff. My large loom was stored at her house, and so it had to find a new and hopefully temporary home. My brother came and picked it up and it's new home is a shed at the farm. I hope that it is not there for very long.
As for pictures, sorry, but no camera in the home now. I hope to get my hands on one soon and be able to show you my new yarns!


Cheryl said...

Ah yes, the pull of the ol' spinning wheel! Tried drop spindling. Can't do it. I'm just stupid about it. So, when it comes to spinning, I'm happy to sit at the wheel....a pleasant diversion to be sure!

margene said...

Spinning on a wheel is so different than spinning on a spindle. I like to do both but when you want production the wheel is the way to go. You'll have one of your own before long;-)

The Spindling Scot said...

Sorry to here the loom has been put away for now. I hate it when that happens.
On the up side it gives you some time for spinning, have you plans for your first wheel project? Normally the first skein is always kept for luck, the good thing is, as you improve you always look back to the first spun with affection.
I know what you mean about weaving a large piece to kill the stash. I am just finishing the last of 6m of cloth for my winter coat project.
Have fun, and try as many different wheels as you can before you buy one. I loved my Ashford but grew out of it too fast, now I have a majacraft, and it is fantastic!