Sunday, January 14, 2007

E-mail mystery solved

I'm sure that you all remember my ranting about not being able to reply to comments because the comments came in with "no reply" . I think that I have found the culprit.
The problem? When I "upgraded" to beta, somewhere along the way, my e-mail address that had been shown on my profile disappeared. So I updated my profile and checked (again) the box that said "show my e-mail address".
Any of you that had your e-mail visible may want to do this and once again, replies will come from your comments. And I really do like to reply to your comments.


canknitian said...

See, that's not at all the solution I was going to offer...but yours is far superior. Glad you were able to solve it. I'm off to spread the word... :)

Dave Daniels said...

Isn't it amazing what a simple fix something like that can be. Of course, it's all the upgrade's fault. I'm afraid to update mine fo rfear of having template issues. Glad to hear you got your troubles resolved.