Friday, May 12, 2006

What a week

Where did the week go?

Monday was a school holiday, so we called it a second Sunday and didn't do much of anything. Tuesday was spent running errands that didn't get done Monday. Wednesday is a half day for the kids, so most of the afternoon went into homework, laundry, cleaning,and deciding what yarns I was ordering from "Make one yarn studios". That was tough. Really it was. I changed my mind about 16 times before I finally settled on the yarns that I did. Thursday was spent taking photographs of my weavings in preparation for applying for an artist in residence stint for a couple of weeks this summer. 3 hours it took. I was shocked when I realized how late it had become. But I have some nice pictures that I will be sharing soon. Today was spent doing up the additional documentation that is needed for said application. And then this evening was spent at Liz's and who was there, but Kate the oddball with her much cursed shawl. All I have to say is wow! And I wonder how she can even think about sending it away. ESPECIALLY since she can't get a call back from the ...people... for whom she made the shawl. I say, keep it. It is stunning.

And speaking of stunned, remember the Duhh Socks? They are done. All the way done. Not done but anything. Well excecpt for the washing, but seeing as I dyed and rinsed the yarn before knitting the fool things, I say that not being washed doesn't count.

Right. Of course. Blogger doesn't want to let me load my socks. It's not THAT warm yet. Can't you give a gal a break? No?

Maybe in the bright and early morn. As they say at the radio station... Please stand by........

Yeah, I tried one more time and was accecpted. So with out further ado......

My second set of socks

The yarn is not nearly a soft as my first socks, but I am sure that my feet will be kept warm in about 6 months.

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