Sunday, May 14, 2006

Blast from the past

Well, not too far in the past. Just last summer. This was a hideous light brown cotton that was very soft. Another large cone of inherited yarn. Loved the yarn, hated the colour. So I made up enough warp for two scarves, skeined off some to dye for weft, and the rest is history. I am so glad that I learned the valuable skill of dyeing. And as many of you know, it is very addictive. 75% of what I weave now is hand dyed. The rest are blended warps (mixing a bunch of different types and colours of yarns) or stripy things. There are a few of those coming up in a few days.

So here is the first scarf that I wove off.

And here is a detail. This is actually the picture that is on my desktop of my computer. I somehow managed to drag and drop it in the wrong place (I was trying to attach it to an e-mail) but now that it is there, I quite like seeing it every day. Happy accident.

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