Saturday, May 20, 2006

Peruvian Inspiration

A few years ago, Bill went to Paris on business. After being warned to bring something back for me (no subtly here folks) he smartly came back with a shawl from Peru. I loved it! Good job Bill! It was cotton and striped and soft and warm. A few years ago, I needed to come up with a project to do for an Artist in Residency stint that I did with String Fever, a local weaving coop that has, unfortunately ceased to be. I decided to use all my balls of hand dyed silk noil and make a couple of shawls with a Peruvian feel. The unfortunate part is that people are not willing to pay for my time and work. "I can get something like that for $(insert low dollar amount)! Why would I want to pay $(insert higher dollar amount)?" If I weave one thing per warp, I wouldn't even get minimum wage. And in New Brunswick, minimum wage is $6.50. Pathetic.

Sorry about the rant, but there are few people who are willing to pay me what I ask for my weavings. There are some, and to those I say "Thank You!" My friend, Linda is constantly telling me that my prices are too low. I must educate the market. I think that I will do it slowly. Thankfully, I am not reliant on my weavings to make the rent/bills/food etc. But I do try and make them pay for themselves. In any case, here are my shawls.

This one was woven in a twill (sort of like your jeans).
This one was plain weave (like regular cotton fabric, over one, under one)


Thanks for listening.


Cathy said...

Hi Jackie - they're both really lovely! I've never attempted to sell anything, but I'm sure it must be very difficult to get a worthwhile price.

I was taking a close look at your photos - by any chance are they switched? The one on the bottom appears to be the twill.

Liz said...

I think you price things fairly.; I do believe in linda's educate the market premise, but, youy are actually giving them a taste, and can always climb. you are noty so low as to belittle others, and not so high as to price yourself out of the market\
you are doing a bang up job.\

jackie said...

You were right Cathy. The G&T's were a little stronger than usual ;-)
Everything is right now. Thanks sharp eyes

Jay said...

Okay, I was going to be pretty damn crude in this comment, but then thought better of it because I don't to spread that sort of reputation out about myself... like honey full of crap.
So, I will just say: Holy friggin' heck! Those so beautiful I just wanted to oil my naked body and wrap myself in them! (Now, if that is me being sedate, you can only imagine how much worse the uncensored version of this comment was!)

Leigh said...

Welcome to WeaveRing, Jackie.

Your shawls are lovely, excellent use of color. I was especially interested that they are soven of silk noil, as that's what I'm experimenting with at present.

ErLeCa said...

I love the twill one, it's fantastic!

Cynthia said...

They are beautiful Jackie! So what do you charge (if someone was in the market to support you wonderful work!)?

I agree it is a tough call and you can never really get back the value of your hand work.

jackie said...

My scarves range from $50 to $100 depending on the materials and wether the yarn was hand dyed or not. The shawls are up $140. I was at a Christmas market last December and actually sold quite well. In fact I did better in those 5 hours than I did in 3 summers worth of being sold at a local textiles gallery. There is a story behind all of that, but I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say that location and consumer expectation had a lot to do with it. And the one woman who did her Christmas shopping for her two daughters and daughter-in-law certainly helped!

The first 4 letters in my verification thingie was jack! How funny is that?

Mia said...

Hi Jackie,
I also think you price things fairly... Trust me.. I was really liking that blue shawl.. but things have been a little crazy lately... you know..

Isnt' it awful trying to put a price on your work that you think is fair.. but then again, when you think of how many hours and hours you put in.. it's worth SO much more. Oh well, I'd never have that problem if I was able to weave like you do because I'd want to keep 'em all!!!