Friday, May 05, 2006

Big whoop

I have finished the duhh socks. Aka, the socks that time forgot. But guess what?!? No camera, so no pict progress. I can hear my ship tooting on the horizon (read 'camera coming soon"), but still, she ain't in sight, and for all those of you who say, "ain't ain't a word" , go pee in your shoes. I don't want to talk about it.
I am going to dye some Briggs & Little this week coming up. I need to make another pair of socks. Like I NEED more wool socks. Today has been a beautiful day. The temp was 22 C (71 F to those of you who care) I mean really? Wool socks? Talk about DUHH?!?! But, as sure as summer follows spring, winter will come again, and I will be coaxing those socks onto my chilly feet. And being GLAD about it! Thank the flying spaghetti monster, those days seem so far away right now. Right now my thoughts turn to cottons, rayon, and (sigh) silks. Wool? Socks? Those are for lesser mortals. I am thinking summery, breezy shawls and scarves. Light, flowy, airy. Beautiful colours. Beautiful hand. Strange as it may seem, I LOVE to weave in the summer. Pounding away on the loom, mopping sweat from my...(well... lets just not go there) while the kids play outside and debate the benefits of sprinkler vs. hose. And whether it is better to build a monster village starting from the foundation (I kid you not). I love my kids. I really like the ones that I inherit from time to time ,too. The big picture got you down? Let's go for a walk in the woods. There are an amazing array of things at a bugs eye level to even you out. And you don't even have to ask to be shown. The kids yell "LOOK! LOOK!" And the next thing, there you are, looking an something that you may have seen before, but, all you have to do is look again. New eyes are a wonderful thing. They don't let you take things for granted. Right now, it is raining out. You remember. Those magical sun showers when it is both sunny and raining. Warm, and wet. The kids are laughing.
I remember years ago, someone asked me what I would like to be doing in ten years.(Just so you know, it was much more than ten years ago). My answer was that I would like to have a bunch of kids (done) and be able to weave in the winter (done) and pot (as in play with clay, you nasty people) in the summer. Son of a gun... I'm almost there. What a juxtaposition. Weaving, where one needs to be so clean, and potting, which means mud, clay, dirt (hee, hee). Can you see that I am a Gemini? ( read birthday commin soon) Cue the shark sounds, dunt dunt dunt dunt, dunt dunt dunt dunt,... well, you get the picture.


Dave Daniels said...

I am SO envious that you got them done! Yay, you!!! I'm still struggling with a boring pair of socks going on week three. Knitting gods, please help me!

Jay said...

OOh ooh so many comments! Must get them in order before my head explodes:
1. is there a reason they have to be wool socks? I was thinking about this morning when I tried on my first 'proper' sock... couldn't I get some luscious cotton and make some socks that I could wear in summer as well, so that my feet can look hunky and spunky all year round?
2. If your kids love bugs you MUST check out the DVD 'Microcosmos'. It is beautiful... the insect world set to music, and some of the most amazing photography I have ever seen.
3. POT!? Oh... I didn't read the next bit... Never mind, scratch that (excited) comment

Mia said...

And what... pray tell... is wrong with "potting"??? LMAO

I need to borrow a couple of kids :-)

Liz said...

not a damned thing wrong with potting. Seven boxes of clay in the studio whispering my name increasingly louder every day.... ooooh the other potting, (snicker, can't go there anymore, sigh)