Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today's offering

Along with hand dyed scarves, I make some scarves that are stripy. This one is silk noil, spun silk, two different cottons, one of which was dyed by moi. I like playing with the stripes and getting the little diamond shapes.

And here is a detail.

Dear Jay thinks that I weave these things for my children. Alas, he is so wrong. For them,I make blankets. Blankets cannot be lost at school or left behind at a friends house. I always know where their blankets are. Scarves and mittens are something else. Some of my weavings (quite a few truth be told) have been gifted out to family and friends. These scarves and shawls are all for sale. They live in a container, all tagged, until I have a show or sale to go to. Then we travel together and I send them home with people who will appreciate them. And seeing as my day job doesn't pay well in dollars, I need to do something to support my fiber habit. Not to mention, how many scarves do kids need. Oh, right, the answer is unlimited because they keep getting left behind, or even better, out in the yard. Not a fate for my fine handwovens.


Liz said...

i love that one. it is soooopurdy. weavin up a storm over here.

Mia said...

Ohhhh Sheepie! The scarf is gorgeous! I love the close up pic too!

Anonymous said...

I see all of the things Jackie weaves (I'm the father of her children :-) and that's one of my favourite scarves. It's always great to see what her next project will be.

Our oldest daughter, who is now 11, has woven her own scarves (even set up the loom). She's a talent just like her mom. I'm trying to convince Jackie to post a photo of our daughter's handiwork. It's not at the complexity of Jackie's work, but for her age the work is great. The selvage says it all. :-)