Saturday, December 03, 2005

Happy Saturday

I had a really great title for my post today, But I forgot it. So what else is new.

I did a wee craft show on Thursday at my DH place of employment. It was only an hour and a half, but I have to admit that I was quite disappointed with my $9 profit. It was originally a $4 profit but I think that the secretaries in my DH office felt sorry for me and sent half my booth fee back home with him. I am doing another show on Sunday that is much better advertised and has a good history, so I am hoping to make a bit out a bit better there. Liz and I are sharing a booth and I just want to say thanks to Liz on two accounts. The first Is because after moaning about my dryer not working, she said that her old one used to die all the time and it was almost always the fuse in the switch box. So I being the intrepid explorer that I am, found the fuse box and lo and behold! there it was! a blown fuse! We had spares so I just popped one of those suckers in and was back in business. Phew! The second thanks to Liz is because I can't spell very well and when I was typing in my interests for this blog page, I spelled "dyeing" as in colouring yarn, "dying" as in game over. I was following the rules you see. Drop the "e" and add "ing". I have two reluctant readers and so am going over spelling and phonics rules with them all of the time. So Liz clicked on my links and came up with people obsessed with death. I looked at one and the first few words were, "death, dying, blood, vomit....." and then I stopped. Not quite the image I am looking to project. Think "rainbow, sunshine, bright red blue and yellow, happy thoughts" Well, maybe that is a bit too much in the other direction. Think coloured yarn. That's right, coloured yarn


Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Hey, I'm not just a reader..I'm a subscriber. So there!

PS: Got any of those Japanese "be damned if you're going to get me making them" balls for sale? I need something for my sister and somehow, decorative, useless and just a complete and total pain in the ass is working here.

jackie said...

Be careful about that mold! LOL! Gosh, you have me a bit worried about an upcoming craft fair! I hope that I make SOMETHING from all this time and effort! Gosh, I am so envious (sp?) of where you live! We just moved west from New Hampshire and I miss the east soooo much!

jackie said...

Kate , why yes I do have some balls for sale. You know where to find me. And thanks for subscribing.

Jackie, The craft fair I did non Sunday was GREAT!