Monday, December 05, 2005


And that is cha-ching as in loonies and toonies hitting each other in the cash box yesterday. The show,Christmas Choice at Memorial Hall, was a long standing show that is known for the quality of the work. There were not as many participants this year as there have been in the past, but maybe that worked out better for me. It takes place in the old theater hall on the UNB campus. It is a beautiful old hall with stain glass windows and high ceilings and poor lighting. Thank goodness for clip lamps. I had handwoven,hand dyed scarves and fabric origami cranes, reindeer, and cards. I had also made some small purses in the style that I prefer. Long handled so that I can wear them across my chest instead of having the fool thing constantly slipping off of my shoulder. And small enough that when jammed full will weigh no more than 2 pounds. Unless it is full of loonies and toonies! Then I will let it weigh slightly more. I also had a few temari balls. And people came and people saw and people BOUGHT!!!! I had one woman, bless her, that spent over $200! She did her shopping for her daughters in laws with me. People raved about my scarves. I feel so validated. It makes me want to dye more and weave more. I will ,but later. My daughter wants to use the loom. I kept saying "yes, but later" so later has come. I think that she wants to make herself a chenille scarf. She was really enamored of the ones that I made, but they are the wrong colours for her. I even did a trade and netted some gifts for some family. Gotta love it when that happens.

Thanks to Liz who was there with me and who would have sold more if she had made more!!!!! She had beautiful knit and felted purses and some hand dyed skeins of silk. And thanks to Joe who kindly lent us a table ,and then when we discovered that we had about an acre of space in which to set up, kindly lent us another table that was holding up a bunch of his stuff. He even took some pictures, so maybe I can score a few and learn how to post them here. Thanks to Bill, my DH who has always given me support,and said that I deserved a good sales day. And lastly thanks to wee Nicole for still taking naps and letting me get some sewing and warping done. I feel like I have won an Oscar and had to thank all the people who made it possible, I'm so pleased.

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