Saturday, December 24, 2005

Canada Post impressed me????

Two weeks ago, I received an e-mail from my sister alerting me to the face that she had dropped something in the mail for us and to keep an eye out. It arrived two days later. I was impressed. Then, after frantically working on the warp from hell, and finishing it, I posted the result on Monday the 19th,I received a note on Wednesday the 21st that it had arrived, and I was really impressed. So then, on Wednesday, DH also received an e-mail from his brother, who lives in Victoria, stating that he had posted something that day that probably wouldn't arrive before Christmas. So this morning , 7:00 am, the door bell rings. Hmmm. Being "The Man" in the house I haul my ass out of bed and go and answer it. It is the Canada Post Man with a package from Victoria! I sign and chuck it under the tree and go back to bed( no school today for the kids as a obligation trip up the river to the in-laws house is the order of the day (no guilt thought because, really, how much is going to get done today)) Later that morning, DE says " that was quick, I bet it cost him a bit though." So I check. $40. The postage from Victoria to Fredericton in two day is $40. Should I be impressed, or should I be horrified. That is 16 import beers, 4 bottles of wine, or a moderately priced bottle of scotch. Now I know the origin of "highway robbery"

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