Friday, December 09, 2005

One puddle two puddle

The other title could be called "tales from toilet training".

My youngest, N, we shall call her, suddenly decided the other day that it was time to, "poop in the potty" . I fluctuated between "yeah! Finally" and " Oh no! Puddles and wet spots" . The potty was reclaimed from the shed, dusted off and warmed up. It now resides in the place of honor, right next to the "big potty." She is now able to remover her diaper all by herself and has had a few successes. Yeah! But they are far outnumbered by the, we shall call them "puddles" . I think that you know what I mean. I have to say that this stage has been something that I have been both looking forward to and dreading for a while now. The end of diapers. The beginning of independence. But DAMN! I hate to have wet socks. And the couch never did recover from the last bout of toilet training involving twin boys. At least N is a girl and she just leaks as opposed to the boys who, because they are boys, tended to spray. It is amazing the range that they had. I think that the only furniture that they didn't get was our bed. That is a strict rule in my house. No naked bums on the bed. I hate to step in it , and I really don't like to sleep in it. Ick. Along with the diaper, N can remove all of her clothing now. Another "milestone". It is one thing to run around naked in July, something completely different to run around naked in December. I keep my house cool, around 18. Drat those power bills. We live in an old house that was built in the days before Fiberglass Pink. I think that they used spit to insults the walls here. I wear a sweater most of the time and slap the wrist of any one who touches the thermostat. Usually L, who seems to think that 30 is a good temperature to have the house. I think that I finally have him trained. I don't understand how N can run around with nothing on.

I had also recently been at a big sale at the local Co-op and bought diapers for less than half price. I had a little extra cash and so stocked up to the tune of almost 600 diapers. If she potty trains now, I will not have saved any thing. And I thought that I was being smart. None of my other kids trained this early. They were all closer to three. I guess that in the unlikely event that they do not get used, I will donate them to the local food bank.

Nothing new on the weaving front, although I am almost finished a new temari ball. It is in pinks on a navy background. I think that it looks quite pretty. And most of the money that I made at the sale is gone too. Surprise surprise! But the tree will be a little fuller underneath this year. I am even going to get myself something because DH is hopeless when it comes to shopping. Once he is at the stores, he does pretty well, but it is the getting him there that is the hard part.


Broken Joe said...

do you have photoshop on that computer and an email addie where i can send pics from the xmas choice show?

jackie said...

I do indeed have photoshop. You can send me picts at

Thanks Joe!