Tuesday, December 20, 2005

the clock is ticking

The warp from hell turned out to be two very nice pieces of woven fabric. They felt a but like burlap after coming off of the loom, but linen is sometimes like that. After washing, it was crisp like linen should be but very soft. Lovely if I do say so myself.
Saturday was The Great Tree hunt. I took all of the kids to the Farmers Market, where trees are known to gather near Christmas and picked out the perfect tree. In our case, due to lack of space, the perfect tree is about 6 feet tall, skinny, and flat on one side. Move over Charlie Brown! The kids decorated it after I did the annual strugle with the lights. I was actually quite impresses with the effort. It is not jam packed with ornaments and there is no more than two ornaments on any one branch. I remember the first year that I let the kids at the tree. There were some branches that had 6 or 7 balls on them. They were all plastic of course, but it still looked a little lop sided.
Shopping is all done. That's what happens when you run out of money. But nothing has been wrapped yet. I keep waiting of the perfect time, when everyone is asleep, but usually I am one of the ones that is asleep, and so....no wrapping gets done. I have two more presents to finish. Snakes and ladders game boards that employ 10 sided dice and go up to 196 or so. My boys could benefit from some addition games. I figured that the 10 sided dice would be a good thing because of the novelty factor involved.They are starting multiplication in school soon and as of yet have not perfected addition to 20. The other present is the same for a friends kids. I just hope to get them done before Friday when the kids get off school.
And tomorrow is the solstice. DH and I used to host a solstice party every year, but since the family has grown, the space in which we resided seemed to shrink and we decided to not bother the past few years. This year will be no excecption. However,I am sure that we will raise a glass of something in honor of longer days to come. It will just be a bit quieter than it has in the past. Maybe next year.
I had to bring L to the dentist today to get what I though would be a filling, but which instead turned out to be an extraction. Apparently the tooth was going to come out soon any way and the cavity was all the way down to the pulp. Ick. No wonder he was complaining about it hurting. I hope that this will be incentive to brush better and more often instead of wailing about how he hates to brush. Suck it up princess, or there will be a lot more where that came from. That's my nasty mommy voice speaking. It seems to come out more often these days.

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