Sunday, May 10, 2009


In our house, when we cut open a pepper and find those funny little growths inside, we call them baby peppers.
The other day I cut open this orange pepper and found not one or two babies, but eight!
I couldn't resist the octomom comment with all of the media hype surrounding that poor, misguided woman.
The pepper was headed for a sauce.....
I chopped up the babies and chucked them in the sauce too!

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers.


DaviMack said...

Eat the mutants!

Julia said...

Wow!! How fitting for Mother's Day.

I just hope that we people don't go the way of the mutant peppers in the future.

I am always leery of the effects of hybridization on vegetables.

mira's papa said...


We didn't plan on twins, but had them. We didn't plan on a fourth, but had her. Seems like something was acting like the mutant peppers. Maybe it was me?!?!

DaviMack said...


jackie said...

Yes papa, we know who is responsible!

Kansas A said...

Oh you got that right about the octomom Jackie! I feel the same way about her, misguided is right.