Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blended handspun

While digging through my stash, I came across some superwash roving that I had picked up on sale. I soon found out why the price was so great. It wasn't roving so much as bits of roving and clumps of fleece. Something needed to be done to make it spinable.
After dyeing it in reds and oranges, I blended it with some silk that I had also thrown in the pot.
This is a DK weight yarn that is so soft and dreamy!
338 yards
Hand blended merino and silk
Hand dyed


Julia said...

Very nice salmon color.poterces

Julia said...

Oops, the last word was the word verification. I don't know how it sneaked in there.

Dave Daniels said...

It turned out really well after all your work. Did you hand card or use a carder?

Leigh said...

Ah, I love a success story. :)

Kansas A said...

Knock, knock, knock... anyone there? Hey I had to come check at your blog because I thought maybe my google reader wasn't reporting any updates from your site. Are you on holidays? :)