Tuesday, May 05, 2009


The other day we took delivery of a couple of kayaks that Uncle Sandy bought for the kids for Christmas.

They arrived well wrapped in plastic. Nicole though that if it was warm enough to be looking at a boat, it was warm enough to be in a bathing suit. It actually was a surprisingly warm day!
Bill made the first cut in the wrapping.
With the help of many hands, the plastic was quickly peeled off.
One final tug and it was free!
Then the paddles and what not needed to be examined.
Everyone is very excited to try them out. We had to restrain people from "trying it out".
Although we did have a flood this year,

there seems to be a distinct lack of water in our back yard. A trial run will have to wait until we are ready to go to the lake.


DaviMack said...

A wee bit late, then? ;)

mira's papa said...

What the heck happened to all of my hair? I think my eyes are playing tricks on me because I still see it when I chance a glance in a mirror. The eyes must be going too.

Julia said...

Regarding Papa's hair: Wisdom comes at a price.

Regarding the kayaks: Just think how much pressure the kids will put on you poor old Papa to go to the lake to try them out.

Hope that we have a decent summer this year so that you can all enjoy these two generous gifts from Uncle Sandy.

Julia said...

Hey look... no snow in the back yard. Now that's something to celebrate. The water has all evaporated or has seeped into the ground. Bar-B-Q time is here.

Kansas A said...

Hey I want Uncle Sandy to come to my house for Christmas ;) lol!