Saturday, May 30, 2009

New York

As Kansas reminded me, I have been a bit remiss at posting lately. For that I am sorry and have no really good excuse. A lot of little piddly ones to be sure. But nothing earth moving.

But I have been busy though and will try to get people up to date with what I have been up to.

First up is the New York trip. 21 of us from the school hopped on a bus early Saturday morning and headed down the road. The group was pretty much evenly divided between adults and students which made for a nice mix. Did I take any pictures of the trip? Nope. This one of Madison Avenue was the first one.
Most of us stayed in a youth hostel. Jazz on The Park was, when all was said and done, a hostel, but it was relatively clean and not too noisy. After midnight. They had a basement "lounge" and once we settled and went for a little walkabout, we all came back and ate whatever we had managed to scrounge up. This is only a small part of our group.

The hostel boasted a continental breakfast, but their "kitchen" had been closed down by the board of health for operating without a licence.
Breakfast was still being served, but it consisted of a bagel, butter, and tea or coffee. The next day, they mixed it up a bit and served jam with the bagel.

Sunday morning a group of us decided to go to the MET. It was on the other side of Central Park so we decided to walk through the park. This was the last picture that I took that day. Because my batteries died. I knew that I had more at the hostel but figured that if we went by a store I could buy some. We didn't go by a store that sold batteries. But much to my dismay, I discovered that evening that I had batteries in my backpack THE WHOLE TIME I was wishing that I had my camera. Sigh.
In any case the MET was amazing. We then headed down to Greenwich village and found a fabulous Indian restaurant that was willing to cater to various allergies. There were six of us and we all picked a dish and shared. It was wonderful and very filling. More wandering and somehow, the others managed to find room for some gelato, and then homeward bound. Or hostleward bound. I stopped and picked up a couple of beer and met some of the rest of the group on the outdoor terrace. Then to bed and a surprisingly good sleep.

Tomorrow...Day 2


Julia said...

So glad that you are back posting on your blog. I really missed your interesting stuff that fills your blog.

Thanks Kansas for the nudge...


mira's papa said...

@ Mamoo

I tell her all the time that she should blog regularly because the entries she writes are really great and people love to read them, but I don't have much of an influence. Jackie has a lot of fun stuff to blog about, does great work, as does Mira, and there's more than enough to keep this blog going on a daily basis. And I wrote a script to help her process photos for posting.

I keep telling her (she's going to hit me for this) that she needs to get off of that useless scourge called Facebook - a great waste of time - and keep up regular posts on the blog. I'm not making any impression. And I'll get in trouble for this comment.

Jackie has so much art and craft stuff going on that she could easily post once a day. And as her biggest fan, I would love to read that daily entry. As would a lot of you.

Kansas A said...

Actually I was able to get my google reader under a 100 for the first time in moons because a lot of people haven't been blogging regularly! lol
Anyway... it looks as if everyone had a great time! You're the second blogger that I've read about going to New York this past week and to "hop on a bus" and drive there I'm amazed! I think it would take me about 5 days to drive there :( and I so want to walk the streets of NY... someday, someday :)

mira's papa said...

@ Kansas A
If you're going to New York City, go in May or October. It's often uncomfortably hot there in July and August, and that would be enough to cope with, except that the heat makes it smell much worse (urine, trash on the curbs, restaurant fan exhaust). And there seems to be a mist of deep frying fat in the air in summer so that when you get back to the hotel you feel like someone spray coated you with Pam(TM). It's kind of gross. In cooler weather it's not nearly as bad. And as Frank Sinatra sang, "Autumn in New York. Why does it seem so inviting?"

DaviMack said...

Ahh, it sounds like Glasgow, with all of those wonderful smells. Except ... you're missing a few. ;)

Glad you're having fun! (or had fun - I don't know, I've got over 1000 posts to catch up on reading, so I have no idea if you're even still there or not!)