Sunday, May 31, 2009

New York Day 2

Day Two: The first order of business was to go to Surtex. Surtex was a big Surface Design trade show. Truth be told, there wasn't a whole lot to interest me and the group that I was with quickly went downstairs to where there was a Japanese Design Show as well as a Furniture Design Show. Photographs weren't allowed, so I have nothing to show you from that part of the day. But I will say that some of the things that people are making these days are mind blowing!

At about 2:00, Bron, Katie, and I walked up to Columbus Circle to wait for our friend Cheryl. Cheryl was one of the few in our group who didn't stay in the hostel. Her brother lives in the southern part of the island and so she was able to stay with him.

We did some shopping then headed down to Times Square.
Off to the garment district and more shopping. I have to admit that I only bought a few things. Most of the stores that we were looking in were for a much younger crowd. And I couldn't believe how loud some of the stores were. Loud and crowded. I am very glad that I have never had to work in an environment like that!

And of course we took the subway. Many, many, many times.
Then it was back to the hostel for more beer and snacks on the "terrace"

Tomorrow....Day 3


Kansas A said...

Have you gone to NY regularly Jackie? You seem so comfortable there and seem to know exactly where you're going! I would be lost, yup absolutely lost... but I hang out with chickens and cows and farm equipment. LOL!

Julia said...

Hope that you have a bit of a photogenic memory so that you can remember what you saw that you were not allowed to take pictures of.

Like Kansas I would be lost in NY.