Friday, May 08, 2009

Legs on my camera

Nicole got a new pair of tights the other day. When I downloaded the photos the other day there were many many many pictures of these blue tie dyed legs! This is a girl who like clothes, unlike her older sister! In fact, the other day when I told Mira that we were going to buy her some new sneakers and Mira moaned (even though she agrees that she is in need of new foot wear), Nicole piped up and said "Mira, you should just go shopping! That way you can get used to it!"
I think that I am going to be in trouble!


Anonymous said...

Too funny! Love the leggings :D


Julia said...

Quite fashionable for a 5 year old kid. Love the toes nail polish... And a good photographer too. She is just a normal little girl who loves clothes. Thank goodness for secondhand clothing stores I think.

DaviMack said...

Ahh, tie-die. Don't see much of that around here. ;)

Kansas A said...

Love the toesnails! Reminds of Dally who just cannot wear matching socks lol :)