Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Knitting on my lace shawl. Just in case you though that I had abandoned it. I am into the second repeat of the body chart with 75 stitches on the needles. I do a couple of rows at night before heading off to bed. I am actually beginning to remember the repeat part. Which impresses the hell out of me. The stitch markers that I made myself are working well. In fact, I made a few more, just cause they are fun to make.

My head cold is still with me and seems to be getting worse instead of better. Blocked sinuses, sore throat, fuzzy head. Ugh.

Still spinning the second half of the second 4 oz of Sailors Delight. Although I looked in my bag of split roving and the colours reminded me of candy corn. Hmmmm. Time for a rename? Nah. Just a reaction to the season. And what am I going to do with 800+ yards of slightly heavier than lace weight yarn? I'm sure that I'll think of something.

I finished fringing my noil scarf. I did it the other night while waiting for clothes to dry. Twist a few fringes, go and tun the drum. Repeat. Which means the dryer is still not behaving in a way that it should. At least it is easier to start with the top off. I just turn the start knob and push the top of the drum with my hand.

And for those of you that have gotten this far, here is your reward. This is my latest hand spun scarf. Of course the colours are a bit washed out because I still haven't gotten the whole picture taking thing figured out.


Leigh said...

My, but you're productive! I love the handspun scarf. You are encouraging me to actually try this myself (someday :)

As for picture taking and colors, do you use photo editing software? An excellent free one is Photofiltre .

Teyani said...

your scarf is lovely.
the photo just looks like the flash washed it out... it's difficult to get good photos when using a flash.
hope you are feeling better soon.

f. pea said...

What a great scarf!! The colors would look perfect with my winter coat. Just saying. Hope you feel better soon!

DaviMack said...

Glad you're still knitting, but wonder about your stubbornness level at persisting with lace. :)