Wednesday, October 03, 2007

All fixed

I ripped back my lace to the ( thank heavens and all of the powers that be) a straight simple knit row just before my ..... mistake. I considered trying to weave in a life line. I decided that that would be like thinking of buying a PFD after you fell into the water. Just a little to late to be of much help. I abandoned that idea. I considered tinking back for the 5 rows and thought that I would rather just go for it and rip it back to the row before my mistake. Which I did. Carefully. Very carefully.

I was able to put all of my stitches back on my needles. After which I went through and corrected the few that I put on the wrong way. I counted my stitches and miracles of miracles had the right amount in the right places. I found my row on the chart and knit the next row just to make sure that I had done it all right. Once that was finished and I found that everything was alright, I put it all away and cracked open a beer and here I am telling you all how I saved myself from having to knit that %@#$*&^ neck chart again.

Did I mention that I made the mistake while knitting when I was a bit tired. Knowing myself, I set out conditions under which I could not, or at least should not knit lace. And of those was being tired. Lace and fatigue are not a good combination. But I was getting cocky. "This is easy now. I know the stitches. So what if I am a little tired, I can follow the pattern". Famous last words.

As they say "Hoisted by my own petard". I always wondered what a petard was. Now I know.


DaviMack said...

Oh, my. I'm sorry that you had to rip back, but ... I guess I'm glad that you did, 'cause now you'll feel that it's as perfect as you can make it.

jessie said...

In my brief forays into lace I have learned that I cannot for the life of me remember to do all my YOs.

I have also learned that I have to rip back to fix a mistake because laddering down in lace is an exercise in agony.

Glad you are back on track.

B said...

I've done that. Over 500 stitches per row, 6 rows ripped out. I feel your pain.

Erin said...

Well done! I've made mistakes in lace...I shudder at the thought... it's not fun fixing those.