Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Privitive Art Found!

The other day, Mira went for a walk with the camera and came back with an amazing discovery! She found an undiscovered cave and, lo and behold, there were never seen before cave drawings!

The cave entrance was not very far from the the cottage and really not very well hidden, so it was quite a surprise that the cave had not been found before this.

The drawings were very primitive and showed a lack of understanding of animal anatomy. The mastodon doesn't even have any ears.

There was also a drawing of some sort of an antelope or elk critter that inhabited this area a millennial ago.

Primitive drawing tools were also found near the entrance of the cave.

Who knows who these primitive people were or how long ago they walked these shores.

The cave entrance is rather obvious so I really don't know how it could have been missed all of these years.


Anonymous said...

I saw the lake posting as well as the mushroom posting but today Aug 26th, 2008 I discovered the undated cave posting sandwiched in between.

No doubts the cave dwellers must have had wet feet.
I bet that there was also some cool echo coming out of the cave.


TadMack said...

Alert the media! The cavemen ...er, women... are among us again!

What a FUN PROJECT. You have such creative kids!

Leigh said...

Great find,Mira! *LOL

Kansas A said...

Good one! LOL

Christine said...

How is the deer skeleton coming along?