Sunday, August 31, 2008

Post Cards from the Selv-edge

Over the summer there was some sort of communication break down as far as Post Cards From the Selv-edge went. There are several people in the loop that live in various other parts of the country and for some reason (maybe moving, maybe vacation, maybe too much dancing in the streets... who knows?) but the long and the short of it was that I went the entire summer without a postcard to work on. I just received the postcard that I should have gotten back in June.

And then forgot to take the before picture.

So here is the after picture.
Here is some detail of what went on before me.

The woman jumping is actually part of a postcard that I made and sent to my friend Amber a number of months ago. I added the heart beat and star tape. The edge of the "window" in which the lady was jumping had a rough, unfinished edge that bothered me and so I "taped" it up.

There is one participant who had been putting a fortune cookie fortune under ribbon under each one. Another participant has made it her mission to "free the fortune". I added the heart beat.

The back has also some interest this month.

Apparently the next months postcard is all finished and only needs an "after" picture taken.

I hope that I will get it soon.


Anonymous said...

Summer time and the Sal-edge isn't easy cause everyone is busy or lazy.

Is there a water theme in every Sal-edge post card?


jackie said...

No explicit water theme was suppose to flow through every postcard, but it seems that most of them do have a bit of water in them. Not much of a surprise when you think that we had a winter full of snow and a summer full of rain.