Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life In The Fast Lane

When life hands you lemons.... you make lemon aide, right? So when life hands you an inner tube (and cold, rainy, damp days) while at the lake? You make a WHAT? The SS Mira, as it was first known,

and soon the SS Liam.

Mira spent quite a bit of time paddling around on the tube and doing all sorts of interesting things. She explored the creek. She had been up and down it many times before, but apparently it was a bit different when viewed from the tube.
She also went paddling solo in the canoe for the first time.

She decided that she wanted to harvest some of the lake grass that grows in our cove and was pestering the adults to come with her. I finally convinced her that she was more than able to paddle alone in our cove and she harvested to her hearts content.

Keep watch for what she did with the grass. I was (and still are) amazed!


Anonymous said...

Seeing those pictures of floating on the inner-tube brought me back to my childhood. I remember of spending my time in the brook. I even went swimming in the rain, spending most of my time under water watching trouts and minos. It felt warmer under water than above water when it rained. The water was crystal clear and the bottom was covered with small smooth round river rocks and pebbles of every color.

I love the beautiful pictures of assorted mushrooms.

I can't wait to see what Mira made with the river grass.


Christine said...

Liam looks so happy :)

Summer time is great for kids, no matter what the weather is...
Because there is no school!