Sunday, June 08, 2008

General up date

Thanks for all of your good luck wished in beating back the flying nasties that I have found myself with. I think that we have them on the run. I forgot to mention that at the same time, I had found that food moths had also come into my life. So Monday, I cleaned the kitchen cupboards. I never did find the source, but everything that was in a box or bag is now in a thick plastic container or glass jar. If there are any left over larva, they will be found and dealt with. And by that I mean the glass jar and container goes into the garbage.
Tuesday I cleaned out my closet and checked all of my yarn bins. I also went and picked up some of the Vapona Strips at the local hardware store, bagged up anything that was suspect, plopped a pesticide strip in and sealed the bag. I have a couple of more bags full of potentially egg laden fibers and whatnot that are waiting in the queue. I also did laundry.
Wednesday was the closet in the boys room and yet more laundry. It was actually a very good exercise because I was able to sort through a bunch of stuff that had been stored in there from the days of long ago when their room was my studio. A lot of it is now gone.
Thursday was the front room and yet more laundry. We also moved some of the plants outside. We have a largish bay tree, rosemary bush, and pot of lemongrass that spend the winters inside, but get treated to fresh air and sunshine in the great back yard. We also moved out the citrus tree that is in the living room. It is now touching the ceiling and in bad need of a trim.
Friday was my birthday and I was suppose to watch a friend's young fellow. Noah was in Nicole's play school class and she has been missing playing with him. Unfortunately, or fortunately in my case, Noah's sister wasn't feeling well and so had to stay home from school and Nicole was invited up there for a play date. Which meant that I was able to spend my morning running errands unaccompanied. And my afternoon cooking a Indian curry supper. It was so yummy.

Below see small girl watching the cake. Waiting. To pounce.
I forgot to take pictures, but if anyone wants a menu list I will be glad to let you know what you missed.

Yesterday we finished planting the garden. Well, almost finished. I had forgotten the "map" when we went out and couldn't remember which of the last two unmarked rows had been planted and so could not finish planting the last few seeds. As it turns out, nether had been planted! This may seem kind of strange to some of you, but this year I used child labour. Bill and I did the heavy work and I handed a pack of seeds to each child and said "Plant these in that row X cm deep and X cm apart." I then marked it off on my "map". Things went so much quicker this year.
I have 2. Possibly 3 rows that haven't been planted. Oh, yeah. If anyone around here (greater Fredericton area) wants basil, put your order in now. I planted 12 plants for our selves and a few of our closest friends. Mom couldn't let her extra basil plants die and so transplanted them into their own little pots. And I couldn't let more basil plants die ( I had mercilessly culled mine down to 12) so I planted them in the end bit of my garden where I was told that I couldn't plant my cucumbers this year. Mom and I traded a bit of space and I have my cucumbers in her newly refurbished garden and she can have her beans in mine. In fact we combined our cucumbers and it will be first come first serve. But with 5 tractor buckets of manure that were dumped on the garden area, I don't think that we will be lacking in cucumbers. Environment Canada is calling for a hot summer and almost all of the plants love the heat. Those that don't "love" it, at least tolerate it.
And I did bring my camera to take pictures, but alas, forgot to get the fool thing out to do so. Maybe sometimes this week.

This has turned out to be a rather long post and for any of you that have gotten to the end, I salute you. I will try and update more often. Even if it is to say that I have just cleaned out a closet and have found no moths.


Anonymous said...

My! Those little moths really spurned you into a funnel of sheer energy.

Today with your dad's help I planted 60 plants of squash for the Fall Church supper. We worked feverishly in all that heat most of the afternoon. I positioned the 60 pots of squash to where there were to be planted while your dad held the tray. He dug the holes , he added most of the compost manure in the holes. I mixed the soil and the compost and positioned all the squash in the holes. He got barrels of water with the tractor and we both watered the squash. Then we both filled the earth around the plants and finally we watered them again. I noticed that the squash beetles were already attacking them so I went to The local nursery and purchased some Rotonone powder for the little beasties. It is safe to use as it does not leave any poisonous residue and you can use it up to one day to harvest. We usually only use it until the plants are established otherwise the bugs will eat the entire plants in no time.

I also planted two rows of Rodina beets at the farm for the church beet pickles making day in the fall and your dad help me water them

I just finished the job and put my tools away and it started to rain heavy.

So much for a Sunday off. Mamoo

TadMack said...

Happy Birthday, Jac!

I wish I could have some of the cukes -- but since they're usually five degrees cooler than the ambient temp, they'll come in handy with the hot weather!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say how yummy that birthday cake looks.

I can't say that I blame the wee one for eyeing the cake.

Mamoo again.

I am Curious Llama. said...

Forget handing out basil to the neighbours, I see a lot of frozen pesto in your future. In the meantime, my rosemary bush is still alive on my windy balcony, as is the heater. The thyme is now frazzled. I think that the wind must dry out the plants terribly. Everything would probably fare better in larger pots. However, I want to keep some balcony space for my deck chair.

I am Curious Llama. said...

Sorry, I meant heather, not heater.

DaviMack said...

Empty rows are quite normal in a garden! At least, some go in and out of use throughout the season.

What peppers did you plant? Will you put a map up here, so that we can share in your garden expectations?

Oh - and thank you for correcting that typo, Llama, as I was mightily confused at wondering why your heater was on the balcony!