Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Curb Appeal?

This past week we have been experiencing an "infrastructure renewal project" in the form of new curbs. Last week we had our old curbs torn up. Earlier this week, the workmen came back and set up posts to guide the curb maker. I had never seen this thing in action and was interested in how it worked.
The cement truck slowly goes ahead of the curb makes and supplies the cement needed.

The curb maker extrudes the curb as it goes along
Then a couple of workers come by and put up boards at the fronts of the driveways and scoop out all of the excess concert.

and then the curb is smoothed out with trowels.

Then the boards are removed
And there is our new curb. Later they will come back and put the dirt back so people can access their driveways. And some time next week we will hopefully get the asphalt put back.


mira's papa said...

Do you think these guys could curb my appetite?

Dave Daniels said...

Wow, so that's what "Layin' some curb" means. Niiiiiiice action shots. ;)

Dave Daniels said...

Heh, gives new meaning to the term AssPhalt.

DaviMack said...

All bad puns aside (ahem!), thanks for showing the pictures! It's nice to know how they do things, and this is yet another thing that I didn't know. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pics Jackie.

Very punny guys!


mira's papa said...

Difficult to curb the puns. ;-)

Kansas A said...

Great shots, and I had no idea how this was done... mind you I'm about 30 miles from the nearest curb ;)