Thursday, June 26, 2008

carnival time

I can't remember which movie I was watching when I was spinning this. Nor do I remember the exact bottle of wine that I was consuming. But, once again, I have proved to myself that spinning (plying to be exact, and Navajo plying to be precise) and drinking do not mix in my house.

This is probably going to be used in a mixed warp shawl or scarf. Either that or I'll give it to my friend Amber who seems to like "eccentric" yarns. Her birthday was last week and seeing as I think that she is a wonderful person, it would be drunken yarn well spent.


mira's papa said...

Time to rename the blog.

There's a "Stoned Knitter" out there, so perhaps it's time there's a "Sotted Spinner". ;-)

It has catchy alliteration.

TadMack said...

Ohhh, it's not... bad...

Let's call it... er, festive.

tankgirljones said...

ok, thats like my absolute favorite one that I've seen. If I could knit or knew what to do with it I would take it.

I think you should drink and spin more often, lol.

DaviMack said...

Nobody will notice anything strange about it once it's knitted up.

And, Mira's Papa? Check out the pun olympics. Good luck. ;)

Leigh said...

Ah yes, "eccentric" (aka designer) yarns. Actually, the colors draw the eye. Should be quite lovely as a shawl of scarf.

Anonymous said...

Drinking and driving don't mix but I don't think that anybody will take away your spinning privileges any time soon for a teeny tiny variation in your skein due to drinking and spinning.

I think that you brought spinning to a new level and that your Carnival skein has character. However If you want to duplicate it, you will have to remember what kind of movie you were watching and what kind of wine you were consuming while you were spinning.

Don't try spinning and driving though. You might get in trouble.

Happy spinning Jackie,


Anonymous said...

I think we were watching Madagascar! I can still hear King Julian saying: 'I want to move it, move it' in my head. I think that this might be the one that Simon had a go at spinning while you stepped away to get something.

Anyway, my flight was fine. I arrived back in Scotland feeling quite tired. I laid down for a quick nap and ended up getting up about 6 hours later.

Curious Llama

f. pea said...

I really like it!