Friday, April 20, 2007

Sorry about that

But after getting three link laden spam comments (from the same commenter), I have decided to turn on the word verification.
In other news, the silk is in the same state it was the last time you looked. I have however almost finished shaping my final project piece for the class that I am taking. But more about that later.
I have also woven two of the three scarves on the loom. I hope to have the last one woven today and then all three finished by the middle of next week.
This afternoon we all have an opening. The Gallery at the school has a show of the work of the students in the fiber arts department. Should be a good time.
And I have good news (finally!) to report about the weather. SUN!!!! AND WARM TEMPS!!!! 15 to 21 C ( that would be in the 60's F) I am in heaven!


Christine said...

The weather is fabulous up here too. :) Its even more fabulous, when you consider that the week started off with 8 inches of wet slushy snow.

In between weaving and gallery shows, I hope you have time to get outside and enjoy the sun and warmth. I plan on spending most of the weekend gardening.

Rhonda said...

Yay for sun! Let me go out and knit in the sun .... weeee. I feel the joy too. Only you can't take you're weaving outside can you?

DaviMack said...

Word Verification isn't such a bother, usually, and it beats having those comments just show up. You know that you can delete them from your side, right?