Monday, April 23, 2007

list of dones (or crossed off to do's)

I have been busy lately. Much has been finished and somethings have sat untouched. Sadly my silk is in the latter category. But thanks to Sara I shall hopefully have a bit more luck with my spinning of it. She suggested that I spin from "the fold". Which, as far as I can tell, means that you fold your fiber over your finger spin "from the fold" It is apparently easier to draft. Sounds good to me.
1-I may have mentioned that I am taking a class. It is about ideas and concepts in fiber arts. It is great. However, there is this thing called homework that tends to take a bit of my time. This Friday is our last class and our final project is due. I have decided to make a needle felted bust of myself and stitch in the grey hairs that Mira so lovingly plucked out of my brush. If I run out of those, I know where to find a few more. And I know who to ask for the help of plucking them. In any case, I have been working on my little head and when I was almost complete, I decided that it was too white. I needed to dye it a bit. It turns out that I dyed it a bit too pink. Into the pot of colour remover and now I must wait for it to dry in order to add the eyes and finish felting it. I think that I am going to have a long night Thursday.
2-This weekend was a beautiful sunny warm weekend, so, not surprisingly, I spent most of it outside in the yard. Raking and bagging up 15 garbage bags of leaves that didn't get gathered last fall. Cleaning out the flower beds (where there are actually signs of life!) And discovering things that the kids had left outside before the first snow, or hauled out sometime during the winter. Some of that was bagged too.
3- 8 oz silk dyed
4- 3 scarves almost woven
5- warp for 2 scarves and their weft redyed (I didn't like the results from the first dyeing)
6- attended and opening for a show of the Fiber Arts Studio at the Craft College Gallery. Because I took a few classes, I was eligible to have a few pieces entered.
7- Finished all the supporting material for the Beaverbrook show.
There are also countless things at work and home that needs to be done, but don't bear mentioning. Except that I will say that I am almost finished inventory at work. Not for the faint of heart.
And I have a craft show this weekend. I hope that it is a profitable one.

What is left on the "to do" list?

I really don't want to think about it.


Valerie said...

Sometimes it's better just to focus on the accomplishments. And what a list of accomplishments you have! Here's a cyber pat on the back!

clothesknit said...

Keep thinking about all the things you've crossed off. The rest will happen in it's own time!

Leigh said...

Well done! I agree with Valerie, it's always good to focus on our accomplishments. Besides, you will hopefully always have lots of interesting ideas in the works; enough to keep you busy (and never bored) for the rest of your life!