Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One That Got Away

This is a bound weave rug that I wove in my second year at school. All those many years ago. I actually wove it as a wedding present for a very good friend of mine. The marriage didn't survive and I have since lost touch with her. I wonder if she still has it or if it was given away. It measured about 4.5 x 3 feet and was linen warp and wool weft. It was so beautiful that I wish that it was back in my possession.

Here is a detail.

Now back to my current pursuits.
On the socks
- Both heels turned, one instep decreasing finished and smooth sailing on the foot.
Weaving- second hand spun and kid/silk blended warp with a bit better tension, but still a bit wonky.
Dyeing-Two warps dyed. One is 3 scarves in silk and the other is two wool scarves. Who ever dries first is the first to go on the loom. I have a show coming up in two weeks and I need a few more things for the table before then.
Spinning- Slubby fiber all spun, plied, and the twist set ready to be made into a warp and go on the loom. Now on the wheel, some silk that I dyed with cochineal and saddened with iron. It made the most delicious silvery grey. I am in Love! I am going to pair it with this
roving so that I can start on my first lace project. It is the Kiri shawl that quite a few people have made. I was going to make it out of a lace weight alpaca yarn, but lace fear took over and that project never got off the ground. Sue suggested that I make it in the sports weight yarn that the pattern calls for. Brilliant! But being one to put off lace, I decided to spin the yarn for it first. I seem to recall that the pattern calls for about 450 yards of yarn and I don't have anywhere near that in one colour of hand spun. So off to the wheel! Pictures to follow.


Leigh said...

The boundweave is beautiful. A lot of work! Good to see that your current pursuits are so well rounded.

clothesknit said...

the rug is gorgeous...the detail just amazing!

kiri is a beautiful shawl. quit procrastinating and knit some lace already ;o)

Dave Daniels said...

The weaving is wonderful. I've gifted some nice things away in the past, and now wish I could have them back again, even for a little while.

Cynthia said...

Ah Jackie the rug is stunning. I love the roving and I can't wait to see you attack Kiri - get to it girl (not that you aren't busy enough already)!

ms. pea said...

You are a brave, brave lace knitter!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Wow, so much to do and so little time to do it! That rug is gorgeous. I feel that way about a crochet bedspread I did, gave to a friend, and it was lost in a fire 2 weeks later. So sad. But thank goodness no one was home or hurt at the time. Haven't seen the friend in years either.

'Zann said...

wow - that rug is splendid. It's great that you have pictures of it at least.

There are lessons about attachment and letting go, I think, when we make gifts of our work.

Great to see all the in-process projects you've got going. I really like the colors in your dyed roving, look forward to seeing it spun!