Monday, April 02, 2007

BIG learning Curve

Socks. Not a hard thing, RIGHT?
Well, I have been having quite a time with my little socks. And now I know why. The pattern has both a child's sock and an adult sock on it. So far so good. Except that they are on different pages of a paper which has been folded in three.I know that the picture is backwards, but I've tried to fix it and it doesn't want to up load properly. IN ANY CASE...... In the picture above , to the right is the general instructions, in the middle are adult socks, on the left are child socks. On the back middle section of the patten is a ruler which is very useful for measuring heel flaps. So I happily knit my heel flaps and every now and then consulted with the ruler on the back. Then came time to turn the heel and back to the pattern I go. But not the adult pattern. No! Not me! I happily flip it to the CHILD'S pattern. No wonder the bloody heel wouldn't turn! I kept on having stitches left over on one needle. So after consulting the "to make heel" section and realizing (or so I thought) that I had read the instructions wrong ( reading a 21 as 27) and had made the heel too many stitches, I took a deep breath, ripped them both back and reknit the heels. Now I find that I could have been in the home stretch if only I had been paying attention. Now we are back to ripping AGAIN and re-knitrting AGAIN. I will not make THAT mistake again. I hope. Some day I may learn.

And just to show you that I can do something right, here is some fleece that I dyed last week.


Margene said...

It seems to be going around. I just can't make progress on my shawl for anything. In my case I can't keep the pattern straight. Your fiber color is fabulous!!

clothesknit said...

Gorgeous colors! I can't wait to see it all spun up.

On the sock...PERSEVERE!

Valerie said...

oooooh...those colors are delicious!
you need a straight forward sock pattern!!...I hate having to flip around in a pattern. The other thing I hate is when they give explicit instructions for rows 2 through 8, then at the end of that they say something like "meanwhile increase one stitch either end of every odd numbered row". Better off writing my own bloody pattern!!

Jo in Boston said...

Ohhhh--pretty fleece!

kelli ann said...

your fleece is divine. lovely!

Maia said...

Ooooh that fiber is delish!!!

Socks are well worth any growing pains. I warn you though that they are the crack of the knitting universe.

Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

pretty pretty,
I don't usually use patterns anymore, just the one in my head, cast on 60 sts. do a k3-p1 ribbing, do a heel flap,use 30 sts, turn the heel, knit 15 then two tog. until there are 5 sts left. pick up the side sts. decreas until you are back to 60 sts, do the toe starting 1 1/2 inches shorter than the length, I do a simple one. This works pretty well with any yarn or needles for a short sock.