Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm a leftie and never knew it!

Tonight was my spinning group meeting and while we were all there spinning, chatting, and what-not, one of the ladies asked if I was left handed. "No" was my reply, "Are you?" She was a right handed person too. As was everyone eles there. But I, apparently, was spinning left handed. ? I had actually tried to spin with the other (right) hand a few weeks ago when I was giving the wheel quite a work out and had a bit of cramping in my left hand and I just couldn't do it. How weird is that? My first though was to wonder if this was some sort of body memory from a past life. In my universe, almost anything is possible.

So now I'm wondering if any of you right handed people spin with your left hand? Or I suppose that if you are a leftie, do you spin with your right? Enquireing minds want to know!

Edit: When I say spin leftie, what I mean is that my left hand is closest to the wheel while my right is holding the bulk of the fiber.


Sue said...

I'm a leftie (actually somewhat ambidextrous, but for important things like writing I'm a leftie), and apparently I spin like rightie. I hold the fiber in my left hand, and control the twist with my right. My right hand is closer to the wheel.

I've tried it the other way round, and it feels really awkward.

anna said...

mmm..not sure what you mean by spinning right or left...but I am right-handed (very much so) and when I spin my left hand is closest to the wheel

Dave Daniels said...

Yeah, that'd be me. I think I was "supposed" to be a leftie, but was raised a rightie. I knit lefty, too. When I am spinning, the fiber is always in my left hand, and the right hand is sorta in the way.
Also a Libra, in case that makes any difference in the survey.

Teyani said...

hmmm - right hand is closest to the wheel most times, but can also do it the other way as well.
wonder which it which.

Anonymous said...

Jackie's DH here. I don't spin... yet... but I know that if I were to spin, I would more than likely have my left hand closest to the wheel. It could be that, even though I'm right handed, my left hand's fingers are more highly trained at doing precise things due to having played guitar since childhood.

Once term is over I may see if I can pry Jackie away from the wheel and take a shot at myself.

Melanie said...


I live in Fredericton and am very interested in joining a spinning group (I would love to learn some baics, as well). Would I be able to get more information?

jackie said...

Melanie, If you view my complete profile, you can e-mail me directly and I can give you the info! We would be glad to have you join our ranks.

Charleen said...

I'm a rightie but I spin leftie too. I have a Lendrum Saxony with the flyer on the left. It's perfect!