Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Thanks for all your well wishes. Thankfully, we were not terribly hard hit by the flu. Not like the Sidney Fly from about 7 or 8 years ago. THAT was a bad flu. Bill was in bed for two weeks. He missed Christmas entirely. I was down for a week and brought the kids out to my moms house so that I could get a bit of rest. That was a BAD flu. We are almost all better now. Except for Nicole. She seems to go from being a bit better to feeling a bit worse. Maybe it's because the house is a little cool and she has an aversion to clothes. Her motto is "Naked is better when you are 3". Personally, I just keep putting on more sweaters these days. But it seems that we are coming out of the deep freeze now. Tomorrow is suppose to be hovering around freezing. You know that it has been cold when you look at the weather page and say"-10 this morning. That's not too bad."

My big disappointment came on Sunday. Sunday was actually a nice day. Little wind, sunny, just around freezing. I was feeling better and decided to go for a walk to gather up a few things for a green Thai curry that had been hovering in my mind for a few days. I walked up to the local independent Chinese grocery store (the Friendship Store) to pick up some coconut cream for the dish. Unfortunately they were closed on Sundays. Who knew? So I hiked down to the local independent grocery/meat store (Victory) to pick up a few other things to go into the dish and decided that I would give the Superstore a try for coconut cream. After searching the isles, I finally had to ask at the service desk if they had such a beast as coconut cream. " Yes" was the answer. I was told where to find it and find it I did. but it said "cream of
coconut" "Same diff" thinks I. Whoa. Was I wrong. Apparently the sh*t that they sell as "cream of coconut" is some foul concoction for making pina coladas. The first ingredient was sugar. A sad fact that I didn't find out until I opened the $4 can and saw the clear,thick liquid surrounding the mass of white chunks. In the end, my savoury, spicy curry dish was cloyingly sweet. So sweet, in fact, that Liam (aka Snack Snack Sugar Lips) said that it was too sweet. Lesson learned. I never though that I would be compelled to wash a curry dish, but I did. I put the mess in a
strainer and rinsed it. Yesterday on the way home from work, stopped at the local independent health food store (Aura), picked up some REAL coconut milk and tried it
again. The dish was still a bit sweeter than normal, but much better. And I am having the leftovers for lunch. Speaking of which, I'm hungry.

Happy Hump Day

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amyt said...

I had the same coconut-cream mixup in the fall when I attempted a pumpkin curry, very disappointing.