Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So what else is new?

It's cold here in the great white north. Well below freezing in fact. Tonight's low is -23C (-9F) with wind chill -34C (-28F). So to those of you who have flowers in your back yard, could you keep it to yourself for a few more weeks? I'm having a bad case of envy of some of you who live in a more, shall we say moderate climate. We should be over the worst of this in a week or two. I hope.

On the craft front, I have decided to frog the two socks that I have started and that have been sitting in my basket not being worked on. The first is some hot pink/blue/purple ones that I though that I liked, but I guess that I really don't. The others are the (sigh) lorna's laces. Again. You see, I am really a weaver and although I want to be a knitter, I don't know that I will ever progress beyond simple knit and purl socks. Well, I do know the ssk stitch that you use to make heels but beyond that.....? I have tried several different sock patterns, beautiful sock patterns, lacy, textural, cabled (mock of course) sock patterns and I'm struggling with them. And between you, me, and the gate post, right now I have enough struggles that I really don't feel the need to struggle with socks. Maybe some day in the future when things are less demanding I will haul out the lacy sock patterns again (they are sexy!), but for now, I am going to knit only from sock patterns that I have had success with. And thankfully I have a pattern for fine socks and two for heavy socks. Having said that , I have started a new pair of socks. These are from some muted purply pink merino yarn that I had dyed to sell at market before Christmas and I have two skeins left! I am about three inches down the cuff of the first one. So far, it is all good.

I have put a crackleweave warp on an 8 harness loom at the college, and so far I haven't liked any of the samples that I have woven. This may be because it isn't a true crackleweave, but more like a progressive point twill (even though it was called a crackle weave on handweaving.net). In any case I am cutting and rethreading to a traditional type crackle. I think that the pattern that I have on now would look beautiful if I were to use single coloured warp and single coloured weft, but I am working with a painted warp and the results are less than stellar.

I really haven't had much luck with my work in January. Even some of the dying that I did turned out crap. No luck at all. Except for spinning. Spinning is going really well. So well in fact that I am soon going to have to get myself some new roving. I just keep spinning and spinning and spinning. I'm glad that something went right in January. But now it is February and I have a few new things to try. But more about that later.

And the last "new" thing? No camera so no pictures of re-balled wool, crappy not-crackleweave or the couple of new skeins of hand spun. With the exception of the handspun, your not missing much. Oops, almost forgot my sock cuff, but I'm sure that you can use your imagination.


Leigh said...

I'm glad to hear your spinning is going well. Some socks just aren't meant to be knit. But I'm glad you mentioned socks. I really need a small project to take with me when I'm on the go.

craftydabbler said...

I've read on a few blogs that people had a difficult January, with regards to knitting. Maybe it is some fiber wide conspiracy! Maybe it is just let down after the holiday season. I'm glad that the spinning is going well.

amanda said...

at least you're spinning. i'm curious to know which lacey pattern you were trying and bailed on. here's to february being a helluva lot better!

Jo in Boston said...

Some socks are just impossible. I love the pink thing! About the amaryllis--I got it for Chiristmas so I'm not sure when it was planted. This one is unusual in that it put out no leaves before it bloomed. Usually they send out lots of leaves and then suddenly send up a flower.

Christine Bourque said...

It's been pretty cold up here in Ottawa too. This morning it is -18C (with the wind-chill -27C). There are no flowers growing in my back yard, only snow drifts, and a family of rabbits living in the hedge. Their footprints lead too and from the dryer and furnace vents. :)

My basil seedlings have spouted though, on my kitchen windowsill. Still waiting for the cilantro.


Cynthia said...

Jackie it is freezing here as well - we got spoiled with all the warm weather. I swear when I am better I will be driving over to your neck of the woods (it's not THAT long of a drive) to knit a pair of socks with you - toes, heels and everything in between. In the meantime, as a weaver, spinner and dyer you are beyond comparison so rest easy about the knitting eh?