Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heaven on Earth Explained

You have heard me call Skiff Lake "Heaven on Earth" several times now.

Here is the reason.....
Bill's cousin made this plate in a ceramics class and gave it to Bill's mother. She showed it to me one day when we were all there and "Heaven on Earth" was suddenly very frequently heard. It became the cheers when beer o'clock rolled around, or when we were sitting on the front porch just watching the ducks swim by begging for scraps. Waking up in the morning and having coffee on the front porch, or at night while having a sip of something a little stronger around the fire.


Heaven on Earth.

I did some dyeing before I left for the cottage. I knew that my new wheel was coming with me and I didn't want to run out of things to spin. One of the bundles was purples, blues, browns and greens.
This skein was the other one that was completed at the lake and was given its soaking in 100% genuine Skiff Lake water.
It, too, had the hanging with the can treatment on the front porch and here it is, at home, on the current warp on my loom. The purples and blues are the heaven and the greens and browns are the earth. So...."Heaven on Earth"!


mira's papa said...

I think my mother said it was my cousin, Judy, who made that plate, but we can check on that. Judy is an aunt now, but not old enough to be my aunt.

jackie said...

Right you are! I fixed it. I think that Judy would be horrified to think that I thought that she was your aunt!

mira's papa said...

I had the same thought.

tanita davis said...

You're truly fortunate in your vacation spot! And while I had a good giggle about "beer o'clock" (when is that? Anytime after 9 a.m.?) I agree that the skein reflects all that sky and water and land. Heaven on Earth - great shade!