Monday, September 07, 2009

Aug 09 -Heaven on Earth 2-the crayfish edition

Mira and Sandy in the canoe.
Sandy spearheaded the drive to get kayaks for the lake this year. The kids used them a fair amount. I was in one a couple of times for a short trip but would have dearly loved to have been able to take longer excursions around the lake. As in " pack a lunch and see you in 6 -8 hours" but it was not to be. This year.
The kids did get a fair amount of time in them. Liam found out that it was possible to fish from a kayak. And he did. Quite often. Oh to be 12 again.
Oh wait.
Forget that last statement.
Mira found a crayfish again. In fact, I became quite excite when she was exclaiming that she had found a crayfish and was chasing after something by the neighbours dock.
The .. thing.. jumped out of the bucket that she had and I thought "woah! that is a HUGE crayfish". I jump the boundary line, and after a very quick apology to the neighbours sitting on their front porch, run down to help with this huge crayfish.....only to find that she was chasing after a frog. Probably the same frog that I had captured on film ( or pixels as the case may be) the day before.
The "huge" crayfish was maybe 4 inches long and sitting in a bucket on our dock.
While I was there this year, there were vast amounts of time that my in-laws were not there. There are many places in the cottage that are well known to me. I know where all of the dishes belong. I know where to find the toilet paper and the paper towel. Towels and bedding are no mystery.
However, this cottage has been in Bill's family since 1944. There is a lot that has happened that I have not been privy to.
Since the first year that Earle bought the cottage and land while he was on leave from WW2, there has been a "guest book". I am sure that there were many visits from guests that did not make it into the book. But many are there, along with the comments that some of those people left behind.
Like this one. I know that they were not alone in their sentiments.


mira's papa said...

Like your mother said, "Horray!!, you're back!"

I'm not sure about this, but I'm thinking that the comment you have shown in the photo was made by my grandmother (father's mother). It looks like her handwriting, if I remember correctly. She's been dead for about 20 years, but I recall she had a distinctive pen hand, and this reminds me of it. Also, the words are written as she would have said them. Was it in the book who wrote them?

Dani said...

Yeah! Glad to see you back Jackie. It looks like you had a lovely time. I need to find myself a lake house!

Julia said...

Lovely pictures of the family at the lake
Summer was too short for me this year. I almost missed it all together. Maybe it was here and I didn't recognized it.

Sure glad that the family enjoyed their time at the lake though. The poor kids comes to the farm and I never have time for them anymore because of my work load.

Humm!, I wish I had the time to go to a cottage by a nice still lake with calling loons on it, I might even consider relaxing for a change. It seams that I have forgotten how...