Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goodbye lake......

Mira harvested lake grass again.
My little wheel inside one evening.
The kids made a fish holding pond.
And Liam caught a fish to put in it for a little while.
Kid fishing in kayaks.

Kids pushing Uncle Sandy
Front porch with the red truck on the side ( I have to admit to a serious amount of guilty pleasure derived from driving that truck. It is so big that it beeps when it backs up, but it was great to drive and we all fit! Thanks Dad for the loan for the couple of weeks that we were away)
Look who came to the fire one night!
Well marshmellowed kids around the fire.

There may be a few more random lake picture show up when I am up to my neck in snow. Just to remind myself that this too, in time, shall pass.


mira's papa said...

"Guilty pleasure?" Glad to hear it. There's a serious amount of hotness associated with a smart, good looking woman driving a big truck. :-)

Teyani said...

leaving a wonderful vacation is always bittersweet - yet I'm so glad that you got to go - memories for a lifetime are built at places like this.

Anonymous said...

oooh I like the shiny red truck HOT