Thursday, September 17, 2009

cleaning up

my desktop. Here are some yarns spun this summer. If you have seen them before, please forgive my forgetfulness. It happens sometimes.

And some dyed roving.

Now that I have shared, I can get them off my desk. Just a few more things to clean.
Like the garden. We are suppose to get a hard frost tonight. Grrr. Guess what I am off to do?


Julia said...

Nice looking skeins Jackie. I remember seeing a couple but I don't recall seeing the pink one,

Thanks for all your help with the garden yesterday. You are an angel. We didn't get frostthis morning but we got a lot of fog.

I gave three boxes of green tomatoes to the church so they can make Chow Chow pickles.

Teyani said...

frost already? oh my.
I have much work to do in the yard before that happens - it's supposed to be 80 degrees here today.
lovely spinning.