Friday, April 17, 2009

Who knew?

Yesterday some jerk put gum on Mira's seat in the library when she got up for a few minutes. They were her favorite pair of pants and she managed to pick most of it off, but not all. A google search later I had many different suggestions from the ice cube trick (would probably work better if the gum hadn't been ground in and sat on for the rest of the day) to soaking it in gasoline (like I was going to try THAT one!)
One of the easiest methods was to let it soak in fabric softener for 15 minutes and then scrape it off. After weighing the pros and cons of gas vs. fabric softener, I chose the Fleecy.
Now I will admit that I let it soak closer to 45 minutes ( I was weaving and sort of lost track of time) but with a little application of a finger nail and about 5 minutes worth of picking, the gum is gone! The pants are in the washing machine and I hope when they come out of the dryer, it will be like it never happened.
Some kids will still be jerks and I hope they get what is coming to them.


Kansas A said...

What a little bugger eh? Yeesh some kids!
I remember when Sydney was little she threw chewed gum out the window of my car... on a very, very HOT day. The window was only open a little bit and the gum started at the top and when she tried to remove it it smeared all the way down to the door... what a mess. I bought "Goo Gone" and it cleaned it off like it was butter! Worked great, and it works excellent for removing labels too.

Julia said...

Aww! That's when a DNA test comes in handy.

I have removed gum by putting the cloth in the freezer and then when good and cold I scrape and rub the cracked gum off.
Oily stuff like peanut butter, butter or cleansing cream or that stuff to clean grease from mechanic grease works to soften the gum. But after you have to rub dish soap full strength and rinse in warm or hot water depending on the type of fabric, to take out the oil stain.

mira's papa said...

Orange oil, or Fast Orange, might work. On the gum. Fast Orange also doesn't leave a grease stain.

P.S. The exam is done.

tanita davis said...

Fabric softener beats peanut butter or freezing, which I've tried. Good for you, Mom, for making it all better.

Leigh said...

Kids can be so frustrating. I'm glad to know this solution however. Gum can be a nuisance any number of ways.